Silencing the Noise in 2014

Silencing the Noise in 2014


          Instagram, facebook, the vine, linkedin, emails, text messages, phone calls, etc even though these things don’t make outward noise like horns beeping on a 76 in mid-day traffic, these things do make noise in your mind. With everything today being so fast-paced, instantaneous, and overwhelming, do we as people ever really get a chance to silence the noise? Back in the day weekends were the “weekends”, days off, time with family, do things of leisure, but now when do we ever have time off. Businesses are 24/7 and your boss wants you there every day with no breaks. I find myself fighting for a piece of mind and that’s usually near my bedtime when I don’t even have any fight in me. Silencing the noise and ruckus of what the world wants you to believe and become is important, which is money making machines, literally. With all the noise we forget the simple things is what can bring us eminent joy, like being with family, enjoying a book, writing poetry, and the most scary thing “turning off your phone”. People forgot what peace feels like, that’s why people can’t go without their phone, making angry status about not having a phone and to inbox them on facebook. People don’t even realize through all the noise we look to everything on our phone to validate us, whether it is likes on a pic, comments under a video, or a text from a certain someone. The noise is so loud that we can’t even fathom that it is weakening our foundation and strength as individuals to make intelligent decisions sometimes because we are so consumed by the noise. So try silencing the noise every now and then, you’ll be shocked by what you hear within you, you’ll find all your answers you’ve been looking for.Image


Everyday he dreams of a bigger day a greater moment and knowing his talent helps to maintain that focus. Diversity is the key as he continues to bloom in a world that allows artist to play what they feel from the soul and not in skin color. His becomings is in that growth and challenge that making it is an option that he only understands and in that option alone his dreams will be meet his wanting a will be concurred and his ability will continue to shine. Why because he believes in himself and believes in his dream.


Against all odds?

Today I watched a woman screaming for a generation on the Train. There was this young lady sitting in front of her minding her business when out of the clear blue this homeless woman started screaming “your people never cared! “your people never cared!”They look at me as an unreal American and so not worth displaying on the shelf. At first I looked at her in amazement thinking to myself why is she screaming at her but then I realized it was truly at her but at the problem of homelessness and how it has been handled in America she was talking about. The young lady that was In front of her stayed in her seat and listened to the woman’s rants until her stop came. She stood up and said to the woman “sorry for your pain.” I was left in a state of wonder as i began to think not everyone is against you even if status,color and gender is different..