It’s a Wrap

Last night was a great ending to the 5FilmsProject as we put the final touches on Matter of Time. It’s been a great ride working on these projects and seeing the end result is something many of us are waiting for. To look at the connections that have been made in this process shoes many of us how open the industry is in Philadelphia and how there are connections to be made around every corner. 

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The beauty of life is often we partake our dreams and they lead us to bigger pastures. Last week I was in the mist of the meeting of the minds with the talented Donna Griggs and Keith Walker as we discussed business in Philadelphia theater. As it can be said about this many artist here have shown that they are far more then what people see as poets,singers,comedians, and hip hop artist having branched into theater both film and live allowing people to see there is so much more that each has to offer. What takes me even more is how philly seems to be evolving into the new Hollywood and Broadway in its own right. Seeing talents I know doing what they do has been a treat and being part of this mix makes me even feel the future is open for us all.