Getting over the Moment

That’s what makes acting so attractive. You get to break all your own rules.”Gerardine Clark”

The beauty of acting is allowing yourself to let go and take on roles that you never thought you would do. In many ways this is your inner voice ready to dive into the unexpected and see if things are possible. In the end it is here when one finds them self and realize that it was always the fear of exploring that held them back that will never do so again. 

Putting On Our Faces

Yesterday was a great day at rehersal. It was the beginning of going over the first 6 scenes of the play. It felt good watching the cast coming into play with their parts, utilizing the vision of imagination to see a subway scene that was not there and improvising aqctions jestures and words to help bring life to their characters and to scenes even when all they had to do is be onseekers to rachetness or two young brothers listening to elders telling them what to do or a lover that needed to come to a point of understanding that her man needs her.
I am blessed to see the blend of poets and actors ready to take the challenge and show the world a vision that i have been dreaming of brought to life. The challenge has begun and the FringeArts Festival is in the distance waiting for us. Now all we ask, will you be a passenger on this ride as well….

Track 1

If I could take a moment to open my thoughts
It would be as free as the wind within a tunnel
Catching exhaust fumes from still air
Fixated on the freedom of a child that plays on the pole
Locked in on a mother holding her young one while gossiping on the phone
My frequency would be on phones that carry music
Noticing the man pan handling for loose change and food
If I could take a moment to open my thoughts
This might be what I see
But for now all I can see is an orange blur as the motion calms
Next stop is for me….


The Power of Words


After yesterdays great time of rehearsal it was only right that it continued to day. I woke up had a breakfast and went to the “Freestylerz min Summer get Together.” As artist there are times when we enter places our expectations are to find large groups. I sat with the host Keisha and we vibed on everything from politics to poems. Beautiful conversation starting in Brooklyn ending in the UK swaying into how she loves her community and trying to give outlets of encouragement involving many to finally find their voice.. Halfway into this conversation another young lady walk in and it just add more brightness to a beautiful conversatio. Lynn showed that she was a ball of energy and Keisha balanced this as in the same since as there interaction was like two sisters never skipping a beat. A former school teacher and a published poetLynn was not one to want to talk about herself but her humble beginning is a great spark to help me in wanting to try and become a published poet as well. There you have it three of us talking,vibing and able to share thoughts without feeling restricted on time. In the end one of us wasclosing a chapter and beginning a new in a foreign land while the others continue to blosom here. I say this with understanding that as artist we are dreamers and believers to another level. Our words speak volumes on paper as well as in the existence of the air and Keisha and Lynn i want to thank you for an intimate play on words and i hope to someday hear outside of little space to see others take in the power you revere.. Thank You