Stories begin

Stories begin with new movements new motions new directions in this story it’s beginning is one that will be remembered. Saturday was a good day for the Collective and Runboyrunprod family as the day darted with Jody stepping into the light and becoming a playwright having her first cast call and seeing someone perform her work. I watched and listened as she smiled like a child getting a first slice of cake when her first auditioner spoke her words into existence. 

And this filled up with a monster reading from Carloyn showing jody that this dream is a reality and worth its existence. When I left it was off to Plays & Players for rehearsal for Underground Episodes and beast mode was in

Watching the placement of new actors learning there lines and seeing how this engine works.

This is a wild ride filled with both new and veteran actors and watching the blending of talents is great and when they had the chance to meet the stage designer Kristen Silvestri it was apparent that this production was going to be a story worth seeing. 

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