Tic Tock

2020 has been a year of change. For many reasons it has been filled with its points that make time worth looking at. At the beginning of the year we were looking forward too a major production then (tictok)COVID19 hit us.. Now I don’t know about you but this was the first major pandemic in my life as I watched new flash of this go from one nation too the next. When it finally hit the states what probably could have been dealt with everyone on quarantine for a few months turned into points of chaos as people couldn’t take the act of just staying home. I can not tell a lie I was hoping to be one of those that could do just that. However I got to be one of the essential and nothing about this has been easy.

I remember when this all came to ahead for me. I was at sams house and we were talking about clients and also how she was feeling about things concerning corona. Some of the conversations was about fear and being around people not knowing who has what and who may or may not have the virus. It was then that I began realizing my surroundings and the fact that by my travels on bus and trains daily and the countless number of people I was coming into contact with that I too could be with corona.

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