Boomerang Beginnings

This weekend was a new beginning that I must say I was overjoyed with. A few weeks ago in my emails I sent an opportunity to work on a creation in one of the best places I have seen artistry FringeArts on Delaware Ave. now as a back story goes I didn't hesitate to fill out the application and a few weeks later we got an email back congratulating us for being apart of Camp Fringe.
Now how does Boomerang fit into this well that's the easy part. In 2015 I knew I wanted to perform at this venue but I also knew the works that we would have to bring g would have to truly be different and outside the box of any creation we have ever and would ever do. I told Hendi about the idea and story of two kids stories and how they both came from abusive up bringing but the real test would be how they turn out as adults. Hendi liked the idea and the day I talked to him about it I finished the first piece while riding home on the train that night.

So here we are two years later and the opportunity and moment came were we are about to present our project. I stood up in front of the crowd looked out and immediately when I look at them I smile. To me crowns on the symbolism of my happiness because not all honesty I still can't believe that you to watch something that I'm doing. So I address them tell them who I am what I represent in our story and then we let it begin. And from the door watching this was beautiful seeing the toxic movement of how love can be damaging.

Each piece came to life allowed the performers to Paul at parts of themselves that they didn't even know exist showing the pain that each child went through as well as how from such pain they can be light at the end. For us this ending with a new beginning and also wake up call that there was so much more we had to do as ours we are now about to go into the studio and work on the rest of the show and I must say we are all looking forward to see what boomerangs bring.

My Brothers Keeper

My Brothers Keeper

A brothers bond can be seen as a hit or miss but I have to be honored to say watching these two remind me of me and my brother when we were younger. As the oldest, making sure my brother was ok was an unwritten rule. When I was out I would often check up in him to see if he was ok. Yes I know he had times that would drive me crazy and often would be the tattle tale if I did something but I’d make him pay for it. When my brother moved to Atlanta with my dad we didn’t see much of each other but when he would come down I would not hesitate to buy him something like clothes for the winter and take him out to see a movie or show. My brother got to see me as a positive male image and I often felt it was my duty to make sure he understood that. From my involvement in arts to how u carried myself with women him seeing me in a positive light meant more to me then ever. As grown men my brother often talked about those times and often all I do is smile because it means one thing, I have been my brothers keeper…