A brothers bond can be seen as a hit or miss but I have to be honored to say watching these two remind me of me and my brother when we were younger. As the oldest, making sure my brother was ok was an unwritten rule. When I was out I would often check up in him to see if he was ok. Yes I know he had times that would drive me crazy and often would be the tattle tale if I did something but I’d make him pay for it. When my brother moved to Atlanta with my dad we didn’t see much of each other but when he would come down I would not hesitate to buy him something like clothes for the winter and take him out to see a movie or show. My brother got to see me as a positive male image and I often felt it was my duty to make sure he understood that. From my involvement in arts to how u carried myself with women him seeing me in a positive light meant more to me then ever. As grown men my brother often talked about those times and often all I do is smile because it means one thing, I have been my brothers keeper…


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