You ever sit on a subway train and not want to get up when the seat heats up? It’s like not wanting to give into the problems awaiting you at work or home but its very helpful in de-stressing the time. Often I find myself closing my eyes and giving into the warmth accepting it as if I was in the sun soaking in rays of light even just for a moment of joy. Looking forward to the summer time in Florida, the Caribbean or in Vegas just knowing I don’t have to get up for work or deal with the winter cold even just for a moment.

Man it’s one of those moments that you can only get when your ready for it and in that minute as you sit you are ready for calm, for peace, for it never to end. It’s good on those days when you are full of aches an pains of the flu and just waiting to get home in bed. It’s good in those mornings when all you want to do is rest. It’s the best feeling in the world but like all good things it comes to an end. The 15 minutes of electric relaxation with headphones on and it only cost a token, a moment of time…

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